Security promotion

Promotion on this site:

1. Hire the secondary directory;

2. Article distribution;

Security network promotes 3 major business systems:

1. Ten thousand words ranking system (about 56 彩宝贝 sources), 7 days, long tail words, there is ranking!

Wanzi Ranking (News Feed) Clients need to provide:

① Core keywords (10 categories can be built, each category does not exceed 1500 keywords)

② Promotion area (example: Chongqing + Chongqing 38 districts and counties)

③ Customer website URL (that is, search keywords at that time and go to the customer website)

④ 20 or more product pictures (600 * 400 size)

Ten thousand words ranking: Internet data shows that 90% of the company's traffic comes from the search portal. The search portal currently consists of Baidu + 360 + Sogou + mobile search. 100,000 keyword search engine homepage, open the website of the client company (or template station), improve the corporate image and user inquiry conversion rate!

Ranking principle: Through cloud technology, it cooperates with many high-weight 彩宝贝 platforms and industry platforms to achieve fast ranking systems for mainstream search engines such as Baidu, 360, and Sogou. This technology can achieve 3-7 days ranking on the first page of search results. Official website version: The keyword ranking opens directly to the client's website page, but the domain name is the domain name of the cooperation platform. The data is synchronized with the client's official website in real time, and the page has no platform information.

2, Wanzi strengthen official website version (provide 100 keywords) 20-30 days to have rankings!

Wanzi strengthen the official website version, customers need to provide:

① Core keywords (cannot exceed 100 core words)

② Promotion area (example: Chongqing + Chongqing 38 districts and counties)

③Customer website

Wanzi Strengthening the official website version: The ranking landing page directly displays the customer-specified promotion page (website, shop, mall), without the customer's original website background. The domain name is a newly registered customer domain name.

The AI official website Wanzi system combines the principles of Wanzi ranking technology, traditional optimization, and pan-analysis. It does not rely on a third-party platform. It has fast word loading, high word volume, good word loading (keywords), and easy operation (no operation, The whole process of the system's AI intelligent maintenance) features, and at the same time, the display mode can be diversified (the website can be built intelligently, or the customer's designated website page can be displayed)

3, the whole station optimization (50-100 customer specified keywords) weight increase!

The whole station optimization is an improvement of the seo optimization service and the quotation and price are reasonable. It is mainly for website optimization products that have a large number of popular keywords on the search engine homepage. The website's popular keywords cover the industry, and hundreds of thousands of keywords can be operated on the homepage within 30 days, and the weight can be quickly increased to

Site-wide optimization strategy: First, perform site-wide performance optimization (domain name space diagnosis, site access speed, site SEO settings, that is, site optimization, improve site-wide user experience and search engine experience, and lay the foundation for the site.